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Our Services at a Glance

  • Real Estate Law. Property consisting of land, its buildings and natural resources.
  • Employment Law. The legal rights and restrictions for workers and employers.
  • Elder Law. Focusing on the legal and financial needs of the elderly.
  • Church Law. Legal trends and develop-ments that affect churches.

Areas of Practice

Estate Planning
Wills, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills are referred to as Estate Planning documents. As humans, we often procrastinate about having these documents prepared. Life determines whether you should have these documents, not your age, wealth or marital status. Everyone should be prepared in the event of a disability and ultimately their death.

In the event of a disability you should be the one making the decision who will handle your financial and healthcare matters. Upon your death, you should be the one who has chosen the person to administer your estate and the individuals who inherit your assets. This is accomplished by having Estate Planning documents.

Siegle Law is committed to providing clients with honest, sincere and knowledgeable legal advice regarding their Estate Planning needs. This can only be accomplished by thoroughly evaluating each client’s unique circumstances. Your needs can only be meet when you are provided detailed explanations of your options, enabling you to make the best choices.

Areas of Practice Include: Wills, Trusts (Revocable, Irrevocable and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts), Special Needs Planning, Powers of Attorney (both financial and healthcare), Living Wills (Medical and Healthcare Directives) and Guardianship

Estate Administration (Probate)
The passing of a loved one is a stressful and difficult life event. The Probate process is challenging and involves many legal requirements, such as identifying all assets and liabilities, filing an Inventory, Accounting, Inheritance Tax and Estate Tax Return. Sometimes the process becomes even more difficult due to Will challenges and beneficiary disputes.

The Executor (a.k.a., Administrator), and Trustee of the Estate have special roles due to their fiduciary obligation to the Estate. Siegle Law provides competent, compassionate and caring advice to assist you in navigating through this difficult life event and complex legal process.

Family Law
Family law involves major life changes including marriage, divorce and adoption. Family relationships are emotional, sensitive and life altering events.

When dealing with a family matter the advice of an experienced family law attorney is vital to your understanding of the legal issues, your rights and available options. At times like these you need an attorney who is not only experienced but who is also sensitive, compassionate and caring, who approaches these issues with the utmost of care and thoughtful consideration. Whether you are anticipating a joyous occasion such as an adoption or undergoing the stress and anxiety of divorce you will receive competent, experienced and considerate legal counseling.

Areas of representation include: Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, Divorce, Spousal Support, Alimony, Custody, Child Support, Grandparents’ Rights, Paternity and Adoption.

Business Law / For-Profit
Starting a business is not just a decision; it involves a plan and a process. Before starting a business you should seek legal advice as every business venture and business owner is unique. Seeking legal advice as to which business entity suits your needs, the necessary documents and legal requirements can avoid future disputes and legal problems.

Areas of Practice Include: Business Formation, Planning and Dissolution, Disputes, Buy-Outs, Contracts, Collections, Succession Planning, Acquisitions and Employment Matters.

Business Law / Non-Profit Organization
Forming and maintaining a non-profit organization involves passion, enthusiasm, commitment and planning, regardless of the purpose of the organization. Non-profits may be formed for scientific, literary, educational, religious, or charitable purposes. Forming a non-profit does not automatically grant tax-exempt status to the organization. Obtaining federal tax exempt status is time intensive as extensive information must be provided to the government.

Areas of Practice Include: Formation, Bylaws, 501(c)3 Application for Tax Exempt Status, Charitable Organization Registration, Policies and Procedures, Contracts, and Dissolution.

Real Estate / Property Law
Real estate law includes the right to possess, use and enjoy land, and the improvements upon the land. Property issues can development for a multitude of reasons including, title, boundary, contractual, and governmental matters.

Areas of Practice include: Deeds, Agreements of Sale, Commercial and Residential Leases, Condominium and Homeowners Association, Landlord and Tenant, Boundary and Survey Disputes, Easements and Rights of Way, Ownership and Title Issues, Zoning and Land Development, Eminent Domain, Mechanic’s Liens, Foreclosures, Neighbors and Pets

Employment Law
Employment law can be complex due to ever increasing laws and regulations, which can make it difficult for both employers and employees in recognizing violations of the law. Understanding laws governing employment matters minimizes employment problems and the possibility of litigation. Siegle Law represents both employees and employers and is therefore familiar with the affect to both the employer and employee when problems arise.

Areas of Practice Include: Employee Handbooks, Policies and Procedures, Employment Contracts, Non-Compete Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Discipline, Discharge and Termination Evaluation, Severance Agreements, Harassment, Discrimination, and Unemployment Compensation.

Elder Law
The average American is living longer and along with that they and their families face concerns and challenges related to their well-being and care. Each person and family’s needs are different. Therefore, knowledge and planning are key to insuring that the individual and family are making the decision that most suits the particular situation. Options may include assisted living, nursing home, and a family caregiver agreement or in home care provided by professionals.

Siegle Law evaluates the individual’s situation, addresses concerns and answers the questions posed by this stage of one’s life, enabling the elderly person and family members to make a decision that best suits the situation.

Areas of representation include: Powers of Attorney (Financial and Healthcare), Living Wills (Advance Medical Directives, Family Caregiver Agreements, Medicaid and Medicare Planning, Long Term Care Planning, Guardianships and Asset Protection Planning.

Church Law
Churches are unique due to the First Amendment of the Constitution, which states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .......” This Amendment provides for separation of church and state, granting Churches Constitutional protection.

Siegle Law represents Churches in various areas of law including formation, property and employment matters and is sensitive to religious organizations and their unique position within the legal community.

I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute. – John F. Kennedy